We are co-hosting a webinar on Graphene Usage in Additive Manufacturing with another partner of our organization: the Graphene Council.

The Graphene Council (see also www.thegraphenecouncil.org) is the largest community in the world for graphene researchers, producers, developers and end-users. Like additive manufacturing, graphene holds the potential to dramatically disrupt and positively impact an extremely broad range of industries. For graphene, this includes composites, sensors, electronics, energy storage, water filtration, lubricants, nano-antennas, coatings, thermal management and many, many more.

Graphene Usage in Additive Manufacturing: Webinar Invitation
Date and time:
Monday 16 October, 16.00 hrs. CET.

Learn how graphene is already being used in Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing), as well as other applications where graphene enhanced materials can deliver improved performance. This webinar covers the following questions:

  • What type of graphene materials are suited for additive manufacturing?
  • What advantages does graphene bring to additive manufacturing?
  • Which markets are good targets for graphene enhanced 3D printing?
  • Which materials compete with graphene for these markets?

Why should you register for this webinar? 
If you are knowledgeable about graphene and want to learn about how it can be used in Additive Manufacturing.
If you are knowledgeable about Additive Manufacturing and want to learn about how graphene can enhance 3D printing materials and applications.

Registration for this webinar costs € 195 for members 3DPA, which also includes access to a recording of the original live presentation and a copy of the presentation slides so you can reference the material on demand.

To register click this link: http://bit.ly/2jHP8tS